Why the Yeezy 3 could alter history…

There are several defining moments in a lifetime of any person. These moments not only determine our path, they also determine what we will be in life and how we will be it. These moments can also change our perception if ourself, furthermore skewing our reality to be either better or worse than we expected. With that being said, there are also several defining moments in the life of a company. Let’s take Nike for instance. Imagine if legendary Michel Jordan chose to go with a deal from Converse which he loved because it was his college basketball shoe. How would that decision have effected today’s society? No more waiting in line for limited quantity Jordan Sneakers! No more getting tickets the day or so before to “guarantee” you a pair. May not be your size but at least you have some right? But then again, was Jordan’s decision what makes everything like it is today? Maybe a combination between a BRILLIANT architect turned Nike intern turned sneaker designer that had a vision that Jordan could exist without Nike? Humm see where I’m going with this? Using all that information at your disposal, let’s just think about the producer slash rapper that everyone loves to hate and hates to love. Kanye west is SUCH AN ARROGANT SUCKA! When he first hit the scene with all the uplifting songs of belief and self empowerment of not being afraid to tackle your dreams it was ALL GOOD. But like a little 4 year old child will act that’s never been disciplined before is taken to the mall, so Is Kanye when it comes to fame. This cat is all over the place and you kinda want someone to give him a spanking. You look around for a parent or something so you can say hey, get your kid will you! But none the less, wrong or right the passion for achieving is deeply rooted in this guy. When he believes he can do something, HE REALLLLYY believes it. Will the Yeezy 3 been enough to make sneaker heads and collectors start camping out for a pair of Adidas? Really…Adidas?? There have been some pretty important figures rocking and designing Adidas since Run-DMC and I don’t see lines or skyrocket eBay prices for none of those kicks! So, here we are. The dawn of a new day. The little man Kanye West in this corner with Adidas as it’s trainer and Nike in this corner with THE REST OF THE WORLD as it’s trainer. Who will win? Oddly enough, and I almost feel sick to my stomach from saying this, but…I think Kanye will win. Maybe I have a sick love to see the underdog succeed. I don’t know. But after examining all the info at hand and finally seeing the Yeezy 3 itself, I believe the Hype Beast may start to swing. My initial thought at the overall design of the shoe was, this is complete GARBAGE! Then I looked again and seen something a little different. The design itself in formality hasn’t changed much from the Nike versions of the Yeezy 1 and 2. This may actually be a good thing for Kanye’s corner. Why? Because the Yeezy lovers and sneaker heads can see uniformity in the Kanye brand. The same way Jordan didn’t need Nike to exist. Tinker Hatfield made Jordan himself the brand more than his shoe. Put any retro Jordan on Karl Malone and see if it woulda sold. NO NO NO. It wouldn’t have. So since Jordan is the brand, if Jordan himself is it, it sells. Will the brand of what Kanye West is transcend to an entirely different company? What known celebrity bashes Nike? None I know of. Kanye is the first. Will this release start a hype beast sway ever so slightly to the Adidas Yeezy? I say yes. Well at least we shall see. Till then check out the transcendence…








2015/02/img_3459.png See how that swoosh made you TURN YOUR HEAD QUICK! haha. The Yeezy 3 drops this weekend by Adidas. Don’t think I’ll be getting a pair but if you do decide to get a pair…ask yourself why. And then tell me if Kanye wins or not. Peace and Love!

Psycho Panda Streetwear reminds you to Stay Young, use your Imagination, and above all things…”Let Creativity Reign…”

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