Special BDay gift for C-Note! 

This past weekend was EXTREMELY festive! With the Mayweather vs Pacman fight, the NFL draft (Go Skins), the Chris Paul and Steph Curry shows, and much more. In the midst of all the excitement the homie Chris aka C-Note by stage name celebrated his birthday. I decided to do something fresh and notable for the fam by creating the 1 or 1 C-Note tee. Check it out…  

 As with any creative process, you should have a “basis” of what you want to start with.  

 As the creative process starts to take shape, polish everything off and WaaLaa!  

    Let’s check it out in action…. 

 Happy Bday again to the brotha Chris! Soo..you may be wondering why the homie is eating a donut haha. I brought donuts to the BDay cookout wearing the Psycho Panda ‘Eat Donuts’ tee…. 

 Stay Young and eat DONUTS! Lol. Ok back to the cookout… 

Look at these beauties! Nothing like ribs at a cookout! 


  Say hi to Miri! Hi Miri! Her baby shower is coming up at the end of the month! Party time lol. 

  Sup yo. 

Love to see the homies rockin with Psycho Panda! The brother Pete KILLIN the Psycho Panda Palm tank with the Thunder 4’s and C-Note in the 1 of 1 C-Note tee. And I’m sure you noticed  the Psycho Panda chain by Clay Junkiez! Stay tuned for the Summer 2015 line droppin this month!  

 The food was delicious and its alway fun hangin with these cats! Psycho Panda Streetwear reminds you to Stay Young, Use Your Imagination, and above all things…”Let Creativity Reign.” 

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