Hardwork vs Smartwork 

One day while scrolling through my Instagram news feed, I came across a photo post by @jooty that really grabbed my attention. Amidst a news feed I have created flooded with sneaker bloggers, luxury vacations, expensive cars, import tuners, and high price watches (don’t judge me lol) appears an inspirational image that I can certainly relate with. I often find my brain sorting through 100,000,000 inspirational and motivating thoughts that I further develop and uniquely depict in graphic design for new products. In other words, I think a lot about inspiring others. When I seen the photo a few things came to mind. Too often in our society it’s believed that the wall between the rich and the poor is “hard work”. Negative. Completely false. “Hard work” is the wall between the middle class and the poor. “Ingelligent work” is the difference between the rich and the middle class. In the photo you see a kid working hard and a kid working smart with a mother thinking the smart child is not working at all. I completely think this image depicts our society.  


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