Hungry Humpday! 

It’s HUNGRY HUMPDAY! This is the day we post all the delicious foods eaten since the last Hungry Humpday. Let’s check it out… 

This was actually my lunch for today. Enchilada and brown rice.  

 Atlantic Salmon with redskin potatoes and green beans. Made by yours truly in my kitchen. Follow my Snapchat : PPSTWR for future features.  

Firebirds restaurant Mahi Mahi with baked potato… 

 Shrimp and Strawberry Salad from firebirds.  

 Yardhouse shrimp noodles!! BOMB  

 Breakfast for dinner. Blueberry pancake, turkey sausage, and scrambled eggs.  

 Bar Louie chicken club with avocado!  

 Hot Wings…from anywhere lol 

 Salmon sliders 

 Vodka sauce pasta  

 Ribs on the grill…ok now I’m hungry lol. Happy Hungry Humpday!  

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