“…it’s cool to be fashion forward, but truthfully, nothing is outdated, it all depends on who you are and how you rock it.” Sitting at a birthday dinner for my friend Nina Cho, these wise words were spoken by Christopher Le as we discussed new fashion trends and upcoming Psycho Panda events. Christopher Le better known by the alias Crispy, is a fashion enthusiast in many aspects. Photography, design, modeling, and rendition are just some of the fashion activities Crispy is involved in. After discussing rare Addidas Y-2 sneaker, winter coats, and new looks for the 2015 PPSTWR winter collection, new thoughts arose for additional pieces to release. Look out for a future collab by Psycho Panda Streetwear and Crispy as the fall/winter collection release approaches. Be sure to follow Christopher Le’s movement on Instagram @crispyxcream 



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