Dj Ragz!!! 

Did you know….there was a Dj school??!!?! Maybe I’m just slow or something, but I honestly had NO IDEA!. This past weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to be onset for a music video shoot with Dj Ragz and Rafik. The music video was shot  in Magic Bullet Skateboards which you know is the “home store” for Psycho Panda Streetwear. While on set I spoke with Ragz about sneakers and steetwear of course. We spoke about the brand he was wearing called Gorilla Fist and the eye opening fact that he teaches at the Beat Refinery Dj school in Herndon Virginia. Not to some of you that’s probably no big deal or old news, but to me, I just figured you had to be NICE to be a Dj. I figured you had some of your pops old turntables and “became” a Dj in the process of experimentation. Now I know there are experimental elements the nicest dj’s use, but to be schooled and taught to Dj was not even a thought in my mind. Well…Dj Ragz is an instructor at the Beat Refinery so when your ready to get your Dj game up! Dj Ragz has maintained a viable love and a notable name in the Dj game. He’s been featured Fox News and placed top 10 world wide in the DMC Dj competition! He’s also third piece to a hip hop group called The Jazz Attixx. Stay on the lookout for upcoming Dj Ragz events, releases, and movements on … Shout out to Ragz for rockin with Psycho Panda and look out for the new Rafik video!!!!


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