The Psycho Panda top 3 movies…

So after thinking about what 3 movies that I not only like the most, but also had the biggest impact on my life and lifestyle. I came up with these three that most of you have probably never heard of before. In no particular order I’ll start with one of the three entitled “Rad”. Rad is an 80’s bmx movie about the main character Cru Jones forgoing his college sat test and first semester of college to pursue a dream to be a professional bmx rider. He meets his girlfriend and pro rider Christian along the way as well.  The American Dream at its finest!  

  The next movie is The Fast and The Furious. This first movie in the epic serious of sequels set the stage for what a street level car movie should be about! Undercover cop Brian Spilner gets in deep with a car “club” lead by Dominic Toretto to investigate a string of robberies on big rig trucks. He falls in love with Torettos sister Mia but not before building two of the meanest street racing cars many have ever seen. He finds out Dom is responsible for the robberies but built a friendship so strong that he let him get away and had to go on the run from police himself. I know right!! It’s my favorite too!  

 This last movie is entitled “Breakin”. Now I know I said I didn’t rank these movies but I would have to say that Breakin is by far the most influential movie from my childhood. Ozone and Turbo are two unseperatable friends that live inner city LA. They are street dancers aka Break Dancers that battle local crews at the Radio Tron which is a local hip hop club. One of their friends brings a “valley” girl ballet dancer to meet them and would later become Ozone’s love interest. Long story short, the three together get a chance to dance on a trained stage but get denied only to force their way into the judges hearts with their street dancing and get granted the major contract dance on Broadway!!! The real American Dream!!! Love those kinds of movies lol.  

So yea…these are my favorite three movies of all time!! Check them out and tell me what you think!! 

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