Mark Eyestone : owner, skater, artist…

The artistic qualities it takes to be called an “artist” can’t really be defined. A natural definition for what true art is or should be can’t be found anywhere. ANYTHING can be validated as art from the artist’s mind….but….really good art catches everyones eye. A really good “artist” attracts attention to their artwork from all walks of life. Well….meet Mark Eyestone,a TRUE ARTIST. Mark is the owner of Magic Bullet Skateboards, which is the first store Psycho Panda Streewear was sold in. I recently did a collaboration with Mark as me created some custom artwork for a Psycho Panda tee. When you cruise around Magic Bullet Skateboards, you see a ton for skateboard decks with custom handrawn grip tape. Now the drawings on these decks isn’t just sketchings….THEY ARE MASTERPIECES!!! Seriously, the creations on some of these decks is better than some paintings. Mark is just an all around cool cat that remains absurdly humble and down to earth. His artword is truely brilliant and should be recognized, to his displeasure im sure haha. Check out some of these stunning art pieces he’s able to create basically on sandpaper…            


 So yea a special shoutout to Mark for being a legitimately true artist and for Rockin with Psycho Panda! 


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