Yu-Ming Wu : Sneakerhead, Founder of Sneaker Con 

Soooo….you like sneakers huh. And I’m willing to bet you go to sneakernews.com to find out the latest releases don’t you? I’m also willing to wager that you have noooo clue who is behind madness that is Sneaker Con and Sneaker News? Didn’t think so. So…as I’m posted up at my Psycho Panda booth at Sneaker Con DMV, I see this guy walk by non chalantly taking photos and I excited shouted Heeyyy Mr. Wu, can I get a picture with you?? He said “sure” with the look on his face that says, how does this guy knows who I am. After the picture, I gifted him a t-shirt from my latest release and returned to my booth. The guys next to me had no clue who he was. The crazy part is vendors that sell at sneaker con profit thousands upon thousands a year, and have no clue who the event belongs to lol. So, next time you see or should I say recognize Yu-Ming Wu….tell him THANKS for brings the latest release news from all the illest brands to all you hype east since 2006. Your welcome. 

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