Guess Who’s Back!!

You’re welcome. You are all welcome. Haha. Thanks YOU for visiting Psycho Panda. For those of you that have been rocking with Psycho Panda sorry for the long absence! The new and improved website and webstore are almost finished just a couple tweaks to be perfect. This website will serve more as an online magazine-ish style format and new content with a large range will be updated more frequently. With that being said, let me go on to say, out of nowhere, GO CAPS!!!!! The Washington Capitals have did it!! Winning their first title in dominating fashion winning 4-1 against the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Generating a new array of hockey fans particularly in the DMV and all over the country, I’m sure next season will be a rawkus one! I had the fortune to be able to attend the parade and wow was it massive! The attendance was amazing and the complete vibe of the city was one of excitement and joy like I haven’t seen in a long long time. The diversity of fans celebrating the team was also at a premium as I observed fans of all spectrums in attendance.

These are my new friends haha…I don’t know anyone’s name but..Hey Friends!!

The scene was an absolute embodiment of being a true caps fan, whether you’ve followed the team all season or not, on this day you were considered one of the family! Shout out to the Capitals again and Alex Ovechkin for winning the MVP! Side not, there is a black dude on the team that scored a couple game winning goals! Haha…his name is Devante Smith-Pelly…shout out to you too fam! Since I’m shouting out I’ll also shout out Tom Wilson the ENFORCER. Seriously this cat is brutal on the ice haha. And last but not least, my final shoutout goes to Braden Holtby!!! The impressive thing about being a goalie on the ice is the hand speed and the eyes to track the puck. This guy is has the fastest hands and the most focused eyes in the NHL by far. Amazing to watch and I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON!!! Good Job!!

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