M.I.A. But not actually.

What’s up my people! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on this social platform, but if you follow the brand or myself on IG, Facebook, Twitter, or in real life you’ll know the activity has been at an all time high! One of the biggest moves I’ve mad this past few month is the advent of the Psycho Panda Delights. What are Delights you ask? Well I’ll tell you. Chocolate chip walnut cookies! This combination has far been my favorite and is the hardest to find. Panda Delights were created as a prelude to another project that I’m working on, but they have taken on an entirely new life of their own. These cookies have been gaining popularity during this “development” period and bags are selling out at every event. Available for sale soon in the web store so be on the look out or just attend one of our future events. I’ll also inform you on upcoming projects and ideas later today.

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