Hawaii, Food, and Streetwear.

So there I was, freshly landed in Phoenix Arizona away from the disturbing Virginia January cold. After walking around the airport and looking through the window at the cactus and huge rocks, I ordered Pancakes from Matt’s Big Breakfast. By far the best pancakes I’ve ever had in my life! But as I sat there and ponders the last leg of the flight to Oahu, I could only imagine how the Island, the food, the people and the fashion would be. And I will say I LOVE IT ALL!!! The Streetwear market is pretty much wide open there as Hawaii is a t-shirt haven. The Polynesian culture itself is MUCH more than I knew about and I was amazed at all aspects of it. So why was I in Hawaii you ask? The Polynesian Bowl. A friend of Psycho Panda, Tony Ford, has a son Devyn Ford that is a top 5 player in the nation in his position and the number one player in Virginia over the last few years. He is headed to Penn State next year as a running back. So, we’re all in Hawaii supporting Devyn as he participates in the Polynesian bowl. The scenery everywhere you look on the island is incredible! The Polynesian Culture center was an amazing experience. A must go if you find yourself in Oahu Hawaii. It’s close to the North Shore which is about a 45 min to 1 hour drive from Honolulu. Look for this cat at Penn State 2019-2020 Until next time Hawaii….cause there will be a next time!

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