Philippine All-Stars!!!

They killed it...Enough Said.   Psycho Panda Streetwear..."Let Creativity Reign"


Calling All Quality…

In my first every product venture for Psycho Panda which was actually pre Psycho Panda, I developed a product for the promoting the Washington Redskins against their arch rival Dallas Cowboys. The purpose of this venture was to sample the quality of the screen printer. The printer was good but not the quality i would [...]

Happy Birthday!!!

Going to two birthday parties tonight...or should i say two peoples birthday! Happy Birthday to Louis Melendez and Gio Baez!!!! They probably expecting me to bring some sort of alcohol but instead im bringing a CAKE..ha ha. I'll let you know how that worked out and the rest of the pics from the party on [...]

Proof of Labels?…

The beauty of this site is that you can follow the progress of Psycho Panda and see everything unfold right before your very eyes. There are 7 goals i set for Psycho Panda this year and i plan to achieve every one of them. Well...with YOUR help of course. 🙂 is another step forward [...]