Blind Whino pop up shop today!! 

A little over a month ago, on July 17th, Psycho Panda Streetwear celebrated a 5 year Anniversary! Set to release today at the Blind Whino pop up shop in DC is the Psycho Panda team jersey entitled 'Panda' to commemorate 5 years! The event will be today Aug 27th from 4-midnight at 700 Delaware Ave … Continue reading Blind Whino pop up shop today!! 


5 yr Anniversary 

Yesss!! This past Sunday marked the 5th anniversary of Psycho Panda Streetwear. The brand has grown tremendously in every aspect of design. From diverse models of headwear to polos to knitwear. Starting from just two tshirts, the past five years and been all about growth. Preparing to go into the second phase of the brands … Continue reading 5 yr Anniversary 

Happy Birthday Psycho Panda!!

Happy Birthday Psycho Panda!!!!! It's been 3yrs today since I started the brand and a constant grind that I absolutely LOVE! I'm thankful for all of YOU for rockin with Psycho Panda and hope you will continue to follow the brand! Stay Young, Use Your Imagination, and above all thing..."Let Creativity Reign." Ohh..and this Anniversary … Continue reading Happy Birthday Psycho Panda!!