Anniversary Release 7.17.17 at 7:17pm 

The 2017 Anniversary release will be tonight at 7:17pm. Enjoy! 


Yu-Ming Wu : Sneakerhead, Founder of Sneaker Con like sneakers huh. And I'm willing to bet you go to to find out the latest releases don't you? I'm also willing to wager that you have noooo clue who is behind madness that is Sneaker Con and Sneaker News? Didn't think so. I'm posted up at my Psycho Panda booth at … Continue reading Yu-Ming Wu : Sneakerhead, Founder of Sneaker Con 

Fan Friday!! Woman’s edition!! :)

This fan Friday goes out to all the ladies that have been Rockin with Psycho Panda!! We appreciate the love and hope you continue to support the brand!! Thanks again!!                                                                                                                  … Continue reading Fan Friday!! Woman’s edition!! 🙂

Fan Fridayyyyy!!!! 9.11.15 

As always the love received is GREATLY appreciated! The joy of seeing YOU love and enjoy the products as much as I do is my biggest inspiration. Truly restful to all of you and have much love for you. Thanks again...Stay Young, Use Your Imagination, and above all things..."Let Creativity Reign..."                  … Continue reading Fan Fridayyyyy!!!! 9.11.15 

Photoshop by Peejet 

I hear people all the time talk about how a degree or special skills in art is useless. That's one of the most false statements I've ever heard haha. Graphic art and conceptual design from architecture, fashion, to  product packaging all require high and low level artist. There are TONS of ways to exploite artistic … Continue reading Photoshop by Peejet 

Hardwork vs Smartwork 

One day while scrolling through my Instagram news feed, I came across a photo post by @jooty that really grabbed my attention. Amidst a news feed I have created flooded with sneaker bloggers, luxury vacations, expensive cars, import tuners, and high price watches (don't judge me lol) appears an inspirational image that I can certainly … Continue reading Hardwork vs Smartwork 


So, you want to know what it takes to succeed huh? Well the truthful answer to this question my go something like this.."It takes a lot of variables, timing, and passion for doing business. You must cross your T's and dot you i's and you're on your way." Sounds good right? Negative. The correct and … Continue reading NORDSTROM