Anniversary Release 7.17.17 at 7:17pm 

The 2017 Anniversary release will be tonight at 7:17pm. Enjoy! 


Bamboo Sunglasses 🌴🐼®🌴

It's almost that time!! Releasing this Wednesday May 17, 2017 the Psycho Panda Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses come in three lense colors. These midnight hour, lava glow, leaf water lenses are all UV 400 protection and polarized. The 100% bamboo frame arms have engraved branding and a two screw connection to the lense rim. The custom … Continue reading Bamboo Sunglasses 🌴🐼®🌴

Yu-Ming Wu : Sneakerhead, Founder of Sneaker Con like sneakers huh. And I'm willing to bet you go to to find out the latest releases don't you? I'm also willing to wager that you have noooo clue who is behind madness that is Sneaker Con and Sneaker News? Didn't think so. I'm posted up at my Psycho Panda booth at … Continue reading Yu-Ming Wu : Sneakerhead, Founder of Sneaker Con 

Guess whose back!! Showtime!!! 

In life we run into situations that will either hinder us or help us. The ironic thing is, some situations that hinder us actually end up helping us in the long run! Funny how that works huh? Well the hinderance has now helped and Mr. Panda is poised to progress the brand that is Psycho … Continue reading Guess whose back!! Showtime!!! 

Women appreciation!!

So....I'm sitting at around looking at all the tons of pictures that I have on my phone. After seeing quite a few photos of all the ladies the rep the brand Psycho Panda, the decision was made to make a dedication video! Now I know all of you aren't pictured in this video but the … Continue reading Women appreciation!!

Photoshop by Peejet 

I hear people all the time talk about how a degree or special skills in art is useless. That's one of the most false statements I've ever heard haha. Graphic art and conceptual design from architecture, fashion, to  product packaging all require high and low level artist. There are TONS of ways to exploite artistic … Continue reading Photoshop by Peejet 

Love for The Beard 2!!!

This past weekend Taylor aka Beardimus Maximus held his 2nd Annual Charity Beard Competition. A vast majority of participants came from all over the U.S. to compete and experience the comradery that can only be found in the bearded community!! Psycho Panda Streetwear was on hand to witness the show and of course to retail … Continue reading Love for The Beard 2!!!

Spring 2014 update!!!

Over here in Virginia, its been extremely cold the last few months, and I think Psycho Panda speaks for everyone in Virginia by saying BRING ON THE WARM WEATHER!! Yes, Spring is approaching quickly which means warm weather is on the way. Psycho Panda Streetwear has been brewing up some Spring goods to welcome in … Continue reading Spring 2014 update!!!

Retail Growth!

Magic Bullet Skateboards at 604 Caroline St. and Horseshoes and Hand Grenades at 1009 Princes Anne St. is where YOU can find Psycho Panda new products and merchandise!!! Besides just being plain EXCITED about retail distribution, I absolutely LOVE the stores Psycho Panda is sold at. It's always cool choppin it up with Mark the … Continue reading Retail Growth!