Sneaker Con DMV

If you haven't had the chance to visit Sneaker Con during one of its twice a year stops in the DC, MD, VA area, then you MUST attend! Sneaker Con is owed and operated by Sneaker News owner and founder Yu-Ming Wu. This buy, sell, and trade event contains EXTREMELY rare and high valued sneakers [...]


Summer 2015 Collection 

Filled with several new products to the Psycho Panda brand, the 2015 Summer Collection is loaded with unique yet simple designs. This collection is embodies simplicity and has a more casual feel than previous releases. The trucker snapback are an exclusive edition to the brand as well as the Carlton Polo's. Really hope you ENJOY [...]

No Plan, No Success

Welcome class. Today's lesson is about  planning and success. I talk to several people throughout my day who all ask similar questions. Usually, they want to know how I started Psycho Panda and what makes me keep going. And most of the time I usually give variations of the same answer that tend to sound [...]


Episode 4: Power Standing at the bottom of the treehouse stairs waving at Able and Gram was a Panda with huge eyes and a large head. Gram lunges backward into the bean bags and scrapes his feet along the treehouse floor, scooting the bean bag and himself further into the wall. Able, who is at [...]