Anniversary Release 7.17.17 at 7:17pm 

The 2017 Anniversary release will be tonight at 7:17pm. Enjoy! 


Yu-Ming Wu : Sneakerhead, Founder of Sneaker Con like sneakers huh. And I'm willing to bet you go to to find out the latest releases don't you? I'm also willing to wager that you have noooo clue who is behind madness that is Sneaker Con and Sneaker News? Didn't think so. I'm posted up at my Psycho Panda booth at [...]

Fan Friday!!!! Sneaker Con 10.15.16

Sneaker Con was AMAZING!! If you have not been whether you are a "sneakerhead" or not, it's such an exciting and educational event that it's a must go!! There are three things I learned about today's Streetwear community. One, Adidas NMD primeknits have INVADED the streets! Jordan still has a hold on the sneaker game [...]

Fan Friday!! Woman’s edition!! :)

This fan Friday goes out to all the ladies that have been Rockin with Psycho Panda!! We appreciate the love and hope you continue to support the brand!! Thanks again!!                                                                                                                  [...]

The Making of Summer 2015 

 The creative process that goes into designing a clothing line for a new season is intense and unique. This video gives a peek inside "the lab" as design ideas are brainstormed for the Summer 2015 Collection. Creativity takes a focused approach and mastering the creative process is rare. The best path to maintaining creative balance [...]

THE STORY OF PSYCHO PANDA: Episode 3: Treehouse

Episode 3 As Sinclair scans the basement she is in total disbelief and very confused by what she sees. The freezer that she repaired several weeks prior is now leaking…again! The water is leaking slightly from the freezer on the floor of the basement and is running toward the basement drain. With her heart still [...]