Anniversary Release 7.17.17 at 7:17pm 

The 2017 Anniversary release will be tonight at 7:17pm. Enjoy! 


Women appreciation!!

So....I'm sitting at around looking at all the tons of pictures that I have on my phone. After seeing quite a few photos of all the ladies the rep the brand Psycho Panda, the decision was made to make a dedication video! Now I know all of you aren't pictured in this video but the … Continue reading Women appreciation!!

Tom Yoo: Lego Jordans

So I've been hunting online to find this cat that makes Retro Jordans and other Nikes out of Lego's. The artist name is Tom Yoo, but there is very little information and no pictures. What I did discover is that besides make all the dopest jordans out of Lego's, the idea is featured on the … Continue reading Tom Yoo: Lego Jordans

4 year Anniversary!!! 

Tomorrow is the Psycho Panda Streetwear 4 year Anniversary!!! A special raglan tee will be releasing on Saturday to celebrate our 4th year. The streetwear business requires a consultant model of creativity and business savvy, and I can speak for other brand owners but, for me it's A TON OF FUNNN!!!!  I love the brand … Continue reading 4 year Anniversary!!! 

Kicks on Gleam! (Preview) Here's a sneak peak at what to expect from the new weekly series from Psycho Panda 'Kicks in Gleam!' See the full episode next Thursday at 7pm on / What is Kicks On Gleam about? This new series from Psycho Panda will take a look at some of the latest and rarest … Continue reading Kicks on Gleam! (Preview)

No Plan, No Success

Welcome class. Today's lesson is about  planning and success. I talk to several people throughout my day who all ask similar questions. Usually, they want to know how I started Psycho Panda and what makes me keep going. And most of the time I usually give variations of the same answer that tend to sound … Continue reading No Plan, No Success

The Story of Psycho Panda EPISODE 7

Episode 7. Able looks down and notices the house is on a steep hillside overlooking a crystal clear blue body of water. He notices several houses beneath him with either blue or gold round rooftops and painted all white. He feels the breeze coming in from the water and the smell that only a deep … Continue reading The Story of Psycho Panda EPISODE 7