Anniversary Release 7.17.17 at 7:17pm 

The 2017 Anniversary release will be tonight at 7:17pm. Enjoy! 


4 year Anniversary!!! 

Tomorrow is the Psycho Panda Streetwear 4 year Anniversary!!! A special raglan tee will be releasing on Saturday to celebrate our 4th year. The streetwear business requires a consultant model of creativity and business savvy, and I can speak for other brand owners but, for me it's A TON OF FUNNN!!!!  I love the brand … Continue reading 4 year Anniversary!!! 

Classic canvas artwork for PPSTWR

Artwork has forever been a staple with human beings throughout time. Early drawings discovered in caves and large boulders in all continents prove that. What is the purpose of art? Well, more than just a decoration, I think art can change the mood! Whether it's for good or bad, art will definitely grab hold of … Continue reading Classic canvas artwork for PPSTWR

THE STORY OF PSYCHO PANDA : Episode 2: Psypan Choda

Episode 2: Psypan Choda With a look on his face that was stuck between blank, confused, and excited all at once, Able sticks out his right hand. He takes three steps forward and with a friendly voice that has a slight quiver says, “Hello, my name is Able Chase. What is your name?” Standing just … Continue reading THE STORY OF PSYCHO PANDA : Episode 2: Psypan Choda

Beardimus Maximus wears Psycho Panda on MTV Truelife!!!

So....MTV aired the Truelife reality show which featured Beardimus Maximus and his wife at the time Kim. The show had an interesting twist from the "real" reality of what was really going on. Taylor's rise to success from growing his beard is what started bothering Kim along with the steady progression of the beards attention … Continue reading Beardimus Maximus wears Psycho Panda on MTV Truelife!!!

Spring 2014 update!!!

Over here in Virginia, its been extremely cold the last few months, and I think Psycho Panda speaks for everyone in Virginia by saying BRING ON THE WARM WEATHER!! Yes, Spring is approaching quickly which means warm weather is on the way. Psycho Panda Streetwear has been brewing up some Spring goods to welcome in … Continue reading Spring 2014 update!!!